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Providing end-to-end e-commerce solution for brands by capturing their maximum market share and upgrade brands’ online business model management. We act not only as brands’ sales drive engine, but also as their marketing propaganda frontier.


Our Capabilities


We provide excellent store operation service to ensure seamless experience and seize opportunities that every brand or business has in this growing digital age.


Integrated store operation experience
Optimize your product selection and store structure
Provide a seamless experience for customers
Maximize your product management through content, photos and stock management

Marketing Strategy

In this digital era, brand positioning and visibility is important. Through our service we offer innovative & integrated marketing strategy to your business, with qualified professionals that have 12 years experience in global digital marketing.


Build a creative, effective, measurable and result oriented digital marketing strategy
Provide comprehensive digital marketing services in accordance with your business demands and budget
Help to position your brand visibility in the digital world
Analyze your business and brands to create content suitable for your customers
Make sure targeted market received and satisfied with the content we deliver
Focus on executing online campaigns with the right message and target

Creative Service

With creative, innovative and thought-provoking content, we utilize professional graphic designers to enhance visuals and create a unique brand personality. Our designs are not just images that capture their audience, but also deliver brand stories and messages.


Best quality graphic design
Ensure attractive design for your target market
Creative and tematic photography & videography concept
Build effective communication through creative visualization

Customer Relation Management

Customer needs and trust is the priority of every business. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you have the best yet incomparable customer service experience, preserving astounding loyalty in every customer relationship.


Fast response and dedicated Customer Services team
Good problem solving management
Integrated information
Building a good relationship with customers
Engage with customers to drive the buy action


Fulfillment Service

Through our fulfillment service, we facilitate your business with specialized technology solution. We offer fulfillment complements, serving businesses ranging from logistics, orders, return and packaging customization.


Integrated and dynamic fulfillment service to put your business at ease
Securely store your products in total 3,700 square meters warehouse
Ensure the purchased goods reach customers on time under our watch
Provide comprehensive fulfillment service in accordance with your business demands and budget


We also works to help brands extending their businesses through multiple online channels of distribution, to earn profit in a large number of scales. We implement the distribution business model & strategy to extend the market and increase sales.


Build good relationship with e-commerce platforms in Indonesia
Develop sales strategy and forecasting
Analyze your business and brands to find suitable e-commerce platform distribution
Help brands reach the online micro-retailer, such as online shop reseller and online dropshipper