Technology Platform


Indoportal Management Platform (IMP) technology is a single entry point for clients to have full visibility and management of aCommerce services.

  • Monitor flow of information between your business, your customers and your vendors in real-time to increase cost-efficiency
  • Access customized business intelligence dashboards and reporting tools to help you better understand business performance
  • Speed up fulfillment, and maintain the right balance of stock

Brand Commerce

As businesses expand their presence on multiple online channels, they experience the hardship of maximizing distribution of inventory. aCommerce multi-channel platform solves this problem by tracking and optimizing product inventory and pricing strategy across Southeast Asia’s most popular online channels such as Lazada, MatahariMall, 11street or Central Online.

Reduce the costs and complexity of managing your own inventory across channels with cloud-based platform content management system, our CMS. Centralize all content production in one online library and make it accessible to your brand managers and third party production teams.

Individual marketplaces have their own regulations and preferred formats, our CMS standardizes your content so you don’t need to worry about transforming your data for compatibility with different marketplaces across Southeast Asia


aCommerce multi-shipping platform drives commerce forward by simplifying the relationship between merchants and third party logistics and providing detailed real-time tracking of last-mile fulfillment so the client always knows where and when the package reaches the end customer securely.

The tech platform finds our clients the best 3PL for cost-effective shipping rates, quickest delivery time depending on the product weight, destination and other specifications.

Drivers follow calculated delivery routes to ensure maximum productivity and accurate time drop. Other advanced features include electronic signatures for delivery confirmation, cash on delivery reconciliation, and real-time and detailed performance dashboard reports.

Make the ecommerce package journey a smooth one.